Advanced structural analysis is required if the structures are subjected to extreme or accidental loads such as collision, grounding, impact, explosion, blast etc. Structures subjected to extreme or accidental loads are often deformed beyond the elastic limits and non-linear behaviour and material failure has to be considered. We provide structural analyses involving large deformations, non-linear material behaviour with failure option, contact definition, dynamic loads and fluid-structure interaction etc.

We have wide experience in conducting numerical simulations with LS-Dyna software considering large deformations and material failure under extreme loads. We use explicit FE code LS-Dyna for the analyses.

Our services include:

  • ⇒   non-linear analyses of structures under extreme and accidental loads such as blast, explosion, collision, grounding, impact, large        accelerations etc.
  • ⇒   evaluation of ultimate strength and load carrying capacity of intact and damaged structures
  • ⇒   crashworthiness analysis of structures
  • ⇒   ultimate strength analysis 
  • ⇒   analyses including metallic materials, composites, plastics, soil, liquid etc.
  • ⇒   simulation of lifting and transportation of large structural components

Our main focus is always to deliver innovative and high quality products and services for our clients. We have experienced engineers (D.Sc & M.Sc level, Aalto University, Finland) with background from both the offshore industry and composites, up-to-date 3D software and necessary tools to offer the best solutions to our clients.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss whether we can offer our services!


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