COMPOSITE PLUS OÜ is operating on the Estonian biggest island Saaremaa where the majority of Estonian small craft manufacturers is based. The uniqueness of Saaremaa small craft industry is expressed in a long term boat building traditions and in high quality standards. The team members of Composite Plus have more than 15 years experience in GRP industry, mostly in high-end boat building area. We have an expertize in producing of yachts and powerboats, also the tooling until 30 meters in length. The process of building a yacht and powerboats is extremely complex and requires specialized technical knowledge. Composite Plus has the experience and the advanced technology necessary to build yachts and powerboats of the highest quality.

Additionally we have extensive know-how and experience in aqua culture and offshore-subsea sector in producing of GRP components, especially to Norwegian market. 

COMPOSITE PLUS OÜ produces wide range of GRP products, also plugs and production moulds for composite related industries:

  • ⇒   Marine
  • ⇒   Aqua culture
  • ⇒   Offshore-subsea
  • ⇒   Wind power
  • ⇒   Construction-architecture
  • ⇒   Other industries

In addition, Composite Plus delivers comprehensive product development solutions and consultations in composite area. Our main focus is always to deliver innovative and high quality products. All the manufacturing process is conducted in a very strict survey of standards, tracebility and documentation. We have experienced engineers (D.Sc & M.Sc degree, Aalto University, Finland) with background from both the offshore industry and composites, up-to-date 3D software and necessary tools to offer the best solutions to our clients.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss whether we can manufacture your product!


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