Additionally to the serial production we are also able to start the custom production. We can handle the most difficult projects starting from the consulting process and ending on the building necessary tooling and making the laminate with the relevant documentation. Every single order is being consulted with our customer. The technological process and the design details must be specified to meet the requirements of our customers. 


The diversity of GRP and the ability to create limitless textures, shapes, patterns and forms will ensure that your product will perfectly capture the desired feel and unique appeal required to attract your customers.


We can design and supply different products – pools, bars, reception desks, kiosks, spas, seatings, product placement storage, work stations, signages, sun loungers, tables, counters, cupboards, decorative and artistic wall and ceiling fixtures and exhibition display stands etc.

On request we cooperate with the experienced designers and engineers. We guarantee realization of the project just like it was ordered by the customer.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss whether we can offer our services!

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