COMPOSITE PLUS is operating on the Estonian biggest island Saaremaa where the majority of Estonian small craft manufacturers is based. The uniqueness of Saaremaa small craft industry is expressed in a long term boat building traditions and in high quality standards. The team members of Composite Plus have more than 15 years experience in GRP industry, mostly in high quality boat building area. We have produced yachts and powerboats, also toolings up to 30m. 

We are the supplier of high-quality GRP components and toolings especially for leading Scandinavian and German boatbuilding companies. 



We are experienced manufacturer of hulls, decks, superstructures and other parts from composites. We can supply  different mouldings from shower trays, helms, radar arches, bathing platforms, garage doors, hardtops and flybridges etc.

Whether you are looking for a key supply partner of fully assembled small mouldings to complement your own production teams or you require hulls and or decks and supplied fitted with engine beds and bulkheads, we can offer our assistance and a cost effective solutions, tailor made to your needs. 

We can manufacture GRP products in technologies like hand lay-up, vacuum infusion, RTM  and RTM-light. We use different materials in our production – carbon fibre, kevlar, E-glass fabrics, special fabrics, epoxy, polyester, vinylester, balsa core etc.

All the manufacturing process is conducted in a very strict survey of standards, tracebility and documentation. Our main focus is always to deliver innovative and high quality products for our clients. We have experienced engineers (D.SC & M.Sc level, Aalto University, Finland) with background from both the offshore industry and composites, up-to-date 3D software and necessary tools to offer the best solutions to our clients.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss whether we can offer our services!


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