A well manufactured, high quality plugs and moulds is essential to the production of high quality end products. Given an accurate and high quality plug and mould, our skilled and experienced mould making team accurately construct the product, ensuring that the final mouldings are of high quality with a good finish. We have produced plugs and moulds from small components up to hulls and decks over 20 m in lenght.


We use the traditional techniques and high-end materials, combined with all of the state-of-the-art technologies to manufacture the plugs and production moulds, on time and within budget. 

Composite Plus range of products:

  • ⇒   Composite plugs | master models
  • ⇒   Production moulds for serial production
  • ⇒   “One-off” composite products
  • ⇒   Directly milled moulds


A well manufactured, high quality plug is essential to making moulds for all end products, from small components to large sections. An accurate plug, with a high quality finish, is the end result, ready for mould making. The plugs are milled by CNC milling machines for machining of plastic and composite materials. CNC machines produces plugs with the surface tolerances of up to 0.17-0.2 mm and therefore it is possible to produce large high-quality plugs. 


Composite Plus requires 3D models of the products. The models must be created using a program that supports a file format that can be imported into the formats such as PARASOLID, STEP or IGES etc. A plug that has been CNC milled, must be sanded and polished before it can be used to take a production mould. Composite Plus’s plugs are tailored to the customers’ needs. All plugs are manufactured on a foundation of rigid plywood or steel frame. The surfaces of the ready-milled plugs consist of a polyester or epoxy-based modeling paste.

We always focus on creating strong and stable plugs. The materials and composition are chosen with a view to ensuring a homogeneous and stable plug surface.


The construction of standard fibreglass production moulds is a key service offered by Composite Plus. Designed to client specifications using the latest 3D-software systems, our moulds are developed and produced with the aid of our extensive experience in modelling and milling to meet high quality and durability standards. Our precision quality gives you better results – high productivity, low surface-finishing costs and repeatability. 


The moulds manufactured by Composite Plus are always done with the best materials and used the latest Tooling Systems. In GRP industry, only materials with the best product properties are used for producing the highest quality moulds. Extremely resistant to styrene and heat, high mechanical loading capacity, a permanently good degree of gloss as well as dimensional accuracy are the decisive criteria when it comes to selecting a reliable Tooling System. Large moulds traditionally take weeks or even months to build, prepare and commission. The whole process is much faster thanks to the new generation of rapid tooling systems – RTS. High performance rapid tooling system based on tough, high temperature resistant vinyl ester gel-coat and resins that can cope with the high mechanical and physical demands during tool making and moulding. Composite Plus continuously testing and recommending available materials in the market to our customers in order to secure the optimal material choice for any product solution. This requires close cooperation with both our customers and our suppliers.

Composite Plus provides all 3D drawings of the mould reinforcements. Frame engineering is realized with the help of the new 3D software systems. For sufficient rigidity we reinforce the mold with metal frame. Manipulation and turning systems could be realized upon manufacturing procedures. Each frame is engineered according to the client`s specifications, in order to satisfy any production requirement. Efficient boat manufacturing needs several kinds of position tools and jigs.

We pursue the strategy of innovation, on behalf of our customers, as we believe trust and leadership in industry comes with the best ideas, consistency in quality and precision. Only by having this focus, may Composite Plus provide a solution that matches the expectations of our customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss whether we can manufacture your tooling!



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