The new prototype models from Composite Plus are the answers to any customer request if the issue of speed to market is important. The models are made from the best materials to ensure the best product quality. The product is aimed at different markets, there a short series of products is required with very fast led-time. The innovative aspect plays very important role in the production and the sales of prototype models. If the new product types are constantly demanded by the market and combined with the need for fast delivery, the innovation process also needs to consider testing and validation of any offered product as a premium.

The prototype models from Composite Plus will provide our customers with the ability to distinguish themselves from competitors in the market and take the leadership in their business. Composite Plus produces prototype models example for product testing, design decisions, exhibitions and decoration models etc. We are able to produce prototype models for a number of different industries and purposes. Here are some examples:

  • ⇒   Hull models
  • ⇒   Prototype models for exibitions
  • ⇒   Stage models for theater and TV
  • ⇒   Models for design decisions

Composite Plus is pleased to contribute our experience and expertise to help to find good technical solutions and the right choice of material for your prototype model.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss whether we can manufacture your prototype!


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