We provide both custom made product solutions and private label products entirely made-to-order on the basis of the customer needs and requirements. We welcome challenges related to new or alternative composite solutions as our technology, knowledge and capacity enable Composite Plus to contribute to further development of the composite products. If you need a special product of any kind, there is a good chance that we can make it for you.

Composite Plus OÜ delivers comprehensive product development solutions and consultations in composite areas, also technics like:

  • ⇒   Resin Infusion (Vacuum infusion, RTM and LRTM)
  • ⇒   3D infusion
  • ⇒   Setting up GRP production
  • ⇒   Moulding
  • ⇒   GRP product finishing
  • ⇒   Other GRP related activities

The typical product development process is very similar with any composite products, in industries like marine, automotive, aerospace, construction or others. This allows us to offer any product or composite part from our range of technologies needed in development and production of the above mentioned industries. Our experience allows us to find the best design and development solution, technology and materials for your new product.

Composite Plus can also offer competitive manufacture of products already developed. We are prepared to expand our business scope and broaden our minds to remain a significant part of the solution in composites. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss whether we can manufacture your product!


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